Improve Profitability and Productivity: Why Working More is not the Solution

Most employers want to see their salaried employees work more than 40 hours per week. This is a flawed philosophy because it assumes that more work time equals more output or that putting in more time will equal more profit. This leads me to the following question.

Which employee is more valuable? Continue reading

Why the hell would I want to wait for retirement?

Society has been telling us that we should be saving and working 40+ years so that someday we can “retire”.

Things will probably slow down in some regard when we get older, but there is a general idea that we will stop working and do nothing at that point (which is absurd). Boredom is not a companion that I want to live with on a daily basis when I get to that age. Continue reading

Outlook vs Gmail

Over the past five years I’ve had extensive experience with both systems.

A few years ago Google launched email/calendar/etc…hosting that you can use for your business email (click here). Basically this means you can have your company emails be setup on the Google system through your own domain.

The Google solution has a lot more implemented functionality than Outlook has by itself. In any case, they are replacements for each other, and so I think it is a fair comparison. Continue reading

How to Build a Successful Career as an Employee

Whether you are in the lowest position, or you own your own business, there are important concepts we can integrate into our working lives to produce better results. This will not only increase how valuable we are in the job market, but it will also increase our value to our current employer. We will get more raises, bonuses and promotions as we progress through our lives, because we are constantly improving what we know and how we work. Continue reading

How to be an Effective Programmer – Organization

In my mind, what makes the best kind of programmer is their ability to organize.

I say this because when you simplify web programming in general, it basically comes down to solving problems. Taking a complicated (or what appears to be complicated) scenario and simplifying it into smaller pieces that you can understand. In my opinion, organization ends up becoming the most important aspect of web programming….even more important the being an uber programmer. Continue reading