Task Management: Prioritizing To-Do Items

Over the years I’ve used several different systems for managing tasks. Some of them were PHP based. More recently I’ve had the pleasure in working with a system called Basecamp. Continue reading

Website Specification How to Guide: Project Requirements

Creating a website specification is the most important task of a project. Get this wrong and the whole project can tank, including making an unhappy customer and an unprofitable project. Get the website specification right and you can meet the project deadline and bring in profit. The importance of this is often under estimated. Implementing these techniques to create the website requirements and the project timeline will make your life easier and your clients happy. Continue reading

The Plague of IE6: Throw the Monkey into the River!

Back when Internet Explorer 6 was mainstream, it was normal practice for web developers to implement hacks for code to work properly in that browser. But are some of us still encouraging this practice? What part are web developers playing in spreading this disease? Continue reading

Improve Profitability and Productivity: Why Working More is not the Solution

Most employers want to see their salaried employees work more than 40 hours per week. This is a flawed philosophy because it assumes that more work time equals more output or that putting in more time will equal more profit. This leads me to the following question.

Which employee is more valuable? Continue reading

15 Ways to be the Worst Web Project Manager

There are multiple ways in managing website projects. Regardless of your management style, there are things that you should learn to avoid as much as possible. Doing these things will not only allow you to get through projects on time and on budget, but they will leave a very good impression on the clients you work with, and your boss will not hesitate in giving you the reins on high profile projects. Continue reading