Sample PHP Code: PHP Variable Variable

The ability in being able to make a PHP variable name dynamic can be very useful. As long as you are confident in the data you are working with, this is a safe alternative in working with complex data systems and can make your PHP code more robust. Continue reading

PHP Form Validation

If you program custom PHP applications, you will often times need to work with a form and require certain form fields. A few real world examples would be a contact form, registration form or signup form. This form validation with PHP tutorial shows you a simple and quick method for creating a form page that handles errors and pre-populates fields if there is an error, and a method for processing the php form and validating the information. Continue reading

The Most Useful Piece of PHP Code – Looping through Arrays

Working with and looping through arrays is one of the most useful things you can learn how to do with web applications. Anything from forms, API’s to configuration values, arrays make it easy in working with values. Take look at this simple example that illustrates the basics in working with the $_POST array. Continue reading