What does it mean to be an Advanced PHP Programmer?

On a previous post I had someone comment that they did not agree that the code implementation that was presented in the article was advanced (which was described in the title). They also claimed that I was not an advanced PHP programmer.

This made me think. Not because my programming skill or knowledge was challenged. But because I’m not sure what makes code or a programmer “advanced”. This article is meant to take a look at this from an analytical perspective. I’m less concerned about general labels, and more concerned in how to improve going things going forward. Continue reading

Advanced PHP Form Validation

Last year I wrote an article in how to implement basic validation for a form with PHP. I decided to re-look at this and improve what I did in that article. This time we are going to make a more advanced PHP form that is more responsive and effective.

This PHP sample code has many advantages over the previous article. Not only that, but for the most part it is easier to implement with more complexed forms where you need more than basic validation. Continue reading

Sample PHP Code: PHP Recursive Functions

Use PHP Recursive Functions to create PHP code that dynamically grows with your data. This will save you time and confusion, and understanding PHP recursive functions will make your PHP code much more scalable. At first, it may be a confusing concept to grasp (especially for PHP beginners).

Learn how to create recursive functions by taking a look at this sample PHP code. Continue reading

Sample PHP Code: PHP For Loops, Foreach, While and Do While

There are different PHP loops: PHP for loops, foreach, while, and do while loops. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of PHP loop (depending on the scenario), and it is beneficial to understand how to work with them.

This PHP sample code should help you get a basic familiarity with creating and using PHP loops. Continue reading