Options for Building a Website from a Developers Perspective

Over the years I’ve built many different types of websites. These range from being a few pages, to being very customized with advanced features. I’ve learned there is no clear definition in the best way to create a website. But I do think there are advantages and disadvantages to pursuing different methods. This article takes an analytical look at each option. Continue reading

What does it mean to be an Advanced PHP Programmer?

On a previous post I had someone comment that they did not agree that the code implementation that was presented in the article was advanced (which was described in the title). They also claimed that I was not an advanced PHP programmer.

This made me think. Not because my programming skill or knowledge was challenged. But because I’m not sure what makes code or a programmer “advanced”. This article is meant to take a look at this from an analytical perspective. I’m less concerned about general labels, and more concerned in how to improve going things going forward. Continue reading

Getting Away from your Desk Helps Productivity

I’ve been enjoying the backpacking season. So far, I have done three backpacking trips, and I am going on one more at the end of this month. As I have been distracted with my other hobby, I have not forgotten about this website. In this article I go through the importance of refueling and a different perspective on pain. Are you able to get away from your job? Are there things in your work life that seem to consistently and constantly cause pain? Continue reading

Reflection Requires that you Ask Yourself the Right Questions

We live in a society that tries to convince us that we need to constantly work on our weaknesses. I’m of the belief that we should always be getting better…but focusing on where we do not succeed is not the best way of doing this. In fact, taken literally, this is clearly the fastest way in working yourself out of a job! Continue reading