Our Physical State Cannot Be Ignored

Over the past few years I started to reflect on the fact that I was about 20-30 pounds overweight. I wasn’t watching what I was eating at all, and I would only exercise when it was convenient. I didn’t like to be overweight, but I also didn’t want to stop my eating habits and I didn’t not like to exercise. Even to this day it is hard for me to go running (it is more of a mental game than a physical one for me).

I am a born and bred desk worker. I spend 8-10 hours everyday just sitting and typing. This does not make it easy to keep a healthy lifestyle because if you do nothing you will degrade more quickly than someone in other fields. In fact, if I concentrate hard enough, I can feel my fat rolls pulsating throughout my body. This is not a good feeling.

But I don’t think we give enough priority to how important it is to keep physically healthy as desk workers. Exercising and eating healthy not only gives us more energy, but it will also make us feel better overall. Could this lead to promotions or improve our writing? Absolutely! I think if we knew how much this would improve our lives, we wouldn’t ignore it so easily and “put it off” for something that we will do come new year’s.

The last two weeks I have been on a pretty strict diet and lost about 7 pounds. I haven’t lost nearly as much weight as I was hoping, but I am amazed at how good I feel from losing this much weight. My self-confidence has taken a huge boost from this, and this is motivation for me to continue to lose weight.

What steps do you take to keep physically healthy? How are you doing in this regard?

2 thoughts on “Our Physical State Cannot Be Ignored

  1. Sell your car. Or at least resolve only to drive it in absolute emergencies, or only when the kids absolutely (and I would use bold tags if they were supported) need to.


    • That would be a little extreme for me. Going shopping, running errands and seeing friends would be the only reason I wouldn’t do this. But some people could make this work. 🙂


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