PHP Content Management System of Choice

Guest author Carrie Donalds goes through her perspective on WordPress, while I give you my take on this subject. There are many PHP content management systems out there, and we go through a few different perspectives.

If you want to write a guest post on a specific PHP or project management related topic, please contact me. Continue reading

PHP Programming With Leadership

Until recently, I thought leadership was a gift that you either had or did not have. I still believe it is something you can learn and get better at, but I’m now realizing that leadership is something we all have to some capacity. In fact, to be a successful PHP programmer, you have to be a good leader. Continue reading

Should PHP web programmers go to college?

A common debate in our field is whether or not a college education is worth it when becoming a PHP programmer. People will throw statistics in how much more money you can make with a college degree. But is the cost of college (time + tuition) for a four year degree better than the benefits of having four years of experience in the web programming field? Continue reading

Getting Away from your Desk Helps Productivity

I’ve been enjoying the backpacking season. So far, I have done three backpacking trips, and I am going on one more at the end of this month. As I have been distracted with my other hobby, I have not forgotten about this website. In this article I go through the importance of refueling and a different perspective on pain. Are you able to get away from your job? Are there things in your work life that seem to consistently and constantly cause pain? Continue reading

Reflection Requires that you Ask Yourself the Right Questions

We live in a society that tries to convince us that we need to constantly work on our weaknesses. I’m of the belief that we should always be getting better…but focusing on where we do not succeed is not the best way of doing this. In fact, taken literally, this is clearly the fastest way in working yourself out of a job! Continue reading