How to be an Effective Programmer – Organization

In my mind, what makes the best kind of programmer is their ability to organize.

I say this because when you simplify web programming in general, it basically comes down to solving problems. Taking a complicated (or what appears to be complicated) scenario and simplifying it into smaller pieces that you can understand. In my opinion, organization ends up becoming the most important aspect of web programming….even more important the being an uber programmer.

Below are a few advantages of being organized in the web programming industry:

  • You are better able to estimate project costs, and fairly accurately determine how long a project is going to take to put together. This obviously effects the bottom line of the business. If you can’t accurately quote projects, it is very hard to make sure the business is profitable.
  • You may not always be able to write the best code, but you always are able to use the best solution that you know of. This includes organizing bookmarks and code libraries.
  • You are able to accurately and effectively communicate with the client in the beginning of the project, which is the most important stage of the development process.
  • Project files and folders are very organized and are easily accessible.
  • Each project phase ends up becoming a detailed “to-do” list, that makes it very clear what exactly needs to be done.
  • You can balance productivity with quality. Knowing when to spend the extra time to come out with more refined code, and when you just to focus on getting through a few deadlines. This ends up becoming a nightmare to manage if you are not organized….because then you don’t know when the shit has hit the fan!

I’m not claiming to be the expert in this area. But my experience has really opened my eyes in how to become more organized, and how this ends having an infinitely positive effect on my productivity and my profitability.

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