Beginning C#: Part 3 – Programming Principles

Coming from a PHP programming background, I think I can improve on my understanding of solid object oriented programming concepts. Given that C# is 100% object oriented, and the fact that understanding some key principles will help me in my general programming knowledge, I thought it would be good to go over some of these concepts in this article. Continue reading

Beginning C#: Part 2 – Looping through Arrays

In this article we will get a little deeper into some C# programming by looping through arrays and practicing using types (which are basically objects).

In C#, everything is an object, including arrays. I understand the concept of an array, but I really wanted to get more comfortable with using arrays in C#. Continue reading

Beginning C#: Part 1 – A Simple Example

Today was my first day working for the State of Montana as a Programmer.

It turns out that my first week is going to be a week of training (today was the first day). They hired a training course company called DevelopMentor to come in and train the programmers on C# and using LINQ. From my understanding, LINQ is basically a way of making data “objects” that can be accessed directly from memory. There are a lot of speed and functionality benefits to doing it this way. Continue reading