How important is it for web developers to have a website?

It has seemed odd to me that some web developers like to give advice on building websites to their customers, and yet they have spent very little time on their own website (if they have one). They may know how to put the general pieces together and make a website look good or functional, but they do not know how to conceive a successful website. Instead of being the ultimate source for knowing how to make a site profitable and bring in traffic, we often times do what we are told and make a website, and our usefulness ends there. Continue reading

The Easy Path is a Scam – It’s Not What You Want

It seems like everyone is interested in the “get rich quick” schemes, or a method for generating thousands of visitors for free in no time.

But the fact of the matter is that if these things were really easy for the average person to accomplish (or cheap), the market would quickly get flooded with people going this route. It is like we want all the benefits without the cost. Continue reading