Should PHP web programmers go to college?

A common debate in our field is whether or not a college education is worth it when becoming a PHP programmer. People will throw statistics in how much more money you can make with a college degree. But is the cost of college (time + tuition) for a four year degree better than the benefits of having four years of experience in the web programming field? Continue reading

What are you shooting for?

I’ve been pre-occupied with preparing for the backpacking season. I just bought a Delorme PN-40 GPS unit, and I’ve enjoyed playing around with it and learning how it works. A quality GPS device gets good reception and accurately tells you where you are located. When you look at your career, how do you determine if you are on track? Continue reading

PHP: Cheap. Easy. Fast. Flexible.

Every web programmer has different opinions in what they think is the best web programming language for certain tasks. Speed, ease of use, flexibility, learning curve, popularity and feature list are a few criteria you can use in “judging” a programming language.

Take a look at the positives and negatives that I see with the PHP language. Continue reading