Backpacking, PR and Busy Week

Traveling, PR update and a look at my summer!

I was pleasantly surprised when my site came to a PR of 2 with the latest update. I was not expecting that, even though I have spent a lot of time promoting the site. I am finding that even though I have spent little time promoting the site over the last two weeks, my daily traffic is increasing.

This week I have been busy with selling 11 different backpacking items on EBay, along with researching what I want to buy this year for the backpacking season. I’m debating on getting a small, portable video camera to take on my backpacking trips so I can make some video logs for this website. I also may start taking some videos with my webcam to include with my posts.

Backpacking for me is all about getting out of the normal pace of things and experiencing creation. It is a way for me to re-fill my tank by going to a place that runs to a different rhythm. Hanging with friends, fishing, hiking 8-12 miles per day and smoking a cigar around a campfire are few examples on what I look forward to when I backpack. Also the fact that we encounter incredible locations (kind of feels like you are in heaven), makes this an experience that I look forward to every year. Take a look at the photos on my about page to get a glimpse of what I am talking about. It also makes it more enjoyable by the fact that we are in bear country. Somehow the idea of not being 100% safe makes it even more fun! If you want to read about a long trip I did last year, check out my backpacking trip in the Bob Marshall Wilderness I posted last year on my personal blog.

Last week I traveled to the offices for the company I work for (The Bivings Group). I enjoyed the trip, but it seems to have worn me out and I missed my family.

Recently I have been getting familiar in working with and creating Drupal modules. So far I’m impressed with what Drupal allows you to do. I may expand the content of this website to Drupal…but at least for now I want to focus on PHP and WordPress.

I hope you had a good easter weekend!

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