Code Beautifier Example

There are different methods and plugins you can implement to display code on your WordPress blog or website. After much testing and frustration, I’ve come across the best code beautifier that does not require a WordPress plugin (and can be implemented on any website). This tutorial guides you through setting this code beautifier up on your website. Continue reading

Add Archive Page to WordPress the Easy Way

Adding an archive page to your WordPress blog is simple, but there are a few things that are not self explanatory or obvious with this process. This tutorial goes through how to do this with the latest version of WordPress (2.x). Also included is some sample code that I use for this website that you are free to use. Continue reading

Add Article Thumbnails to WordPress with Rotating CSS

Most of the articles that have been posted recently on this website have an image that is displayed on the home page, categories and post pages. How I was doing this before was simply adding an image to the beginning of the WordPress post and putting a css style that had “float:left” on the image. However, I recently came across info that said having an article thumbnail was a feature that was integrated into WordPress 2.x . I discovered a solution that doesn’t require a WordPress plugin and is simple to implement into your WordPress blog. Continue reading

Separate Trackbacks and Pings from Comments in WordPress

I had known that the theme I use for this site in WordPress does not separate trackbacks/pings and comments on the post pages. I found this to be annoying because a trackback is not a comment and I want to separate these items. I did some searching and found several examples, but most of them only worked in WordPress 2.7. The examples do not work in the current version of WordPress. This article explains how to do this in the current version of WordPress. Continue reading