Separate Trackbacks and Pings from Comments in WordPress

I had known that the theme I use for this site in WordPress does not separate trackbacks/pings and comments on the post pages. I found this to be annoying because a trackback is not a comment and I want to separate these items. I did some searching and found several examples, but most of them only worked in WordPress 2.7. The examples do not work in the current version of WordPress. This article explains how to do this in the current version of WordPress. Continue reading

Add Related Posts to WordPress without a Plugin

Over the last month I’ve implemented quite a bit of changes to the site, including adding a section to each post that displays links to related posts. I use WordPress for this website and I thought about looking for a plugin that would do the trick. However, I’ve been trying to cut down how many plugins I use to make it easier to upgrade and I came up with an alternative solution that works great. Continue reading