When is VPS Hosting a good option?

When building a website, there are many different hosting options. One option that is less expensive than a dedicated server is VPS hosting. Many website developers have found VPS to be the preferred hosting option for their websites. I’ve worked with shared hosting environments, VPS and dedicated servers. Virtual private servers are a unique option that have become more affordable over the years, and are especially attractive to people looking for more customizable options.

VPS Hosting vs Shared Hosting

Like shared hosting, VPS hosting is not on a dedicated server. What you get with VPS hosting is a solution where you have unlimited options and capabilities in customizing the server environment for your websites….without effecting other accounts.

What can you do with VPS Hosting

Some options depend on which company you go with, but most offer the following:

  • You can choose the control panel. Two common options are CPanel and Plesk. This makes managing your server much more simple.
  • Server level customization. Modifying the php.ini file directly, is one example.
  • Burstable Memory: You get access to memory when you need it. If you do happen to get hit by Digg (for example), the server is usually able to handle the spike in resources.
  • Scalable: You can start small and grow as necessary…without having to move to a different server or upgrade hardware.

Who would benefit from VPS hosting?

If you have a low traffic website, and simply need an environment that is easy to work with, a VPS is probably not what you want to go with. If you want an option that is easily scalable and envision growing multiple high traffic websites, you may want to consider going with a VPS hosting account.

In other words, Virtual Private Servers are a great middle ground between shared hosting and a dedicated server. On top of that it sometimes doesn’t cost much more to go with a VPS environment over a shared hosting setup. Choosing a hosting solution is important, because it takes energy to switch hosting environments.

27 thoughts on “When is VPS Hosting a good option?

  1. The answer to when you should use a VPS hosting is very simple. This VPS or virtual hosting is a good method for hosting, which is quite effective when you want to split a physical server right into several numbers of virtual servers. When doing this each of the servers will then be operated independently from the main host. You can get better use from a single server.


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  3. Nice post. VPS hosting seems like a pretty new trend, doesn’t it? Don’t know when it first “came out”, or I guess got popular, but it seems like a recent event! Strange. 🙂 Anyways, I’ve reviewed a bunch of the best VPS hosting if you’re interested in checking them out @ http://www.VPS-Review.net 🙂


  4. We provide VPS servers, but to be honest, very few websites need them. I steer people that way if they are building a web application that will need to scale up or out quickly, as VPS’s can be provisioned, resized, cloned, etc., very quickly.

    We can provide a VPS with as much as 32 GB RAM, which is larger than almost all dedicated servers that are offered by most hosting companies, so some say there is no reason for a dedicated server any longer. The main reason to have your site on dedicated hardware these days is to meet compliance requirements regarding storing data. Some data can’t be stored in a multi-tenant environment.

    But, for most company websites, shared hosting it more than enough these days, provided it’s with a reliable company.

    Nice site! Thanks for all of the great information.


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